Cable Camera shoots

Cable Cam provides a safe alternative method to capture incredible overhead shots in crowded and congested areas where operating a drone may not be feasible. Its quiet movement and tiny size make it unobtrusive to the event or scene. Quick to set up and using the latest speed adjustment controls ensures that none of the action is missed, with the option to switch between cables with ease and all in a very short space of time.

We have a range of cameras for this rig - from 4K broadcast quality to fully immersive 360 degree with FlowState Stabilization and Cinematic Slow-Mo. 


Pull Court is a house remodelled in the early 19th century by Edward Blore, set in a landscape park partly laid over an ancient deer park.

We were asked to create a short film celebrating Pull Court and its stunning surroundings.

Rebellion Brewery - Members Night

Given exclusive access to this incredible, privately-owned, Boeing 757 we used drones to capture the aircraft exterior within a huge hangar before capturing the luxurious interiors using an Osmo Pro, equipped with a highly optimized 3-axis gimbal and Zenmuse x5 Micro Four Thirds sensor.

Coopers Coffee Bar

Wycombe District Swimming Club is open to swimmers of all abilities and ages. We showcased their state of the art 50m pool flying a drone above the pool in combination with six underwater cameras, one body mount camera and two wide angle cameras - all in High Definition.